Dr. A.R.

“I have known Dr. Binder as a professional colleague for 30 years. He is an extremely talented, energetic, and competent physician, to whom I have referred family and friends for his superior care.”

“In late December 2007, I observed a dramatic demonstration of Dr. Binder’s surgical abilities. The patient had undergone a rhinoplasty elsewhere with very obvious disappointing results, both cosmetically and functionally. Only upon skeletonizing, or lifting, of the nasal skin did it become readily apparent that the nasal tip was almost totally devoid of usable cartilage, which is an integral part of the nasal framework and all the symmetry and anatomical relationships that bring a sense of balance to the entire nose were misaligned.

These findings many times are anticipated but can be unexpected, as the bone and cartilaginous structures of the nose are covered and draped by skin.

Dr. Binder readily assessed the situation, obtained cartilage building blocks from known donor sites, while keeping the integrity of the structure intact and with creative skill and patience rebuilt the entire nose – all that without hesitation, going from Step A to B to C and so on. What was truly amazing was the omission of any words of surprise, frustration or criticism.

The findings in this revision nasal surgery were highly unusual, but it seemed to be routine to this master craftsman. The post op results were outstanding and a tribute to skills, understanding and dedication.”