Dr. C.W.

“I have known Dr. Binder for close to 30 years. The words “creative genius, innovator, and visionary” are terms not to be used lightly, but they describe Dr. William Binder.

In addition, Dr. Binder is a highly skilled surgeon, a master of detail, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of human anatomy, and the ability to transform these talents and skills into superb clinical results for his patients.

Over 25 years ago, Dr. Binder realized, way ahead of his time, that the beauty and youth in the face lies with its fullness. The aging process, with loss of facial volume, results in incipient facial sagging and wrinkles. This realization by Dr. Binder started a revolution in the concepts of youth and beauty. He recognized that the flatness in the cheek was a result of loss of fat and downward gravitational migration and was not corrected by face lift surgery or cheek implants then available.

Thus was born the Binder Submalar implant. Youthful appearance was thus restored.

Dr Binder’s innovative genius also led to perhaps the most explosive change in facial plastic surgery, the use of Botox for facial wrinkles, and liquid facial injectible fillers, evolving from collagen to the now longer-acting although not permanent fillers.

He has also developed the unique ability to customize the implants he has designed for each patient, thus getting the best results utilizing the patient’s own facial integrity. This is a skill which he teaches to surgeons in both national and international courses.

The list of Dr. Binder’s accomplishments and discoveries can go on and on. We all want that visionary, that person that sees some things differently that the rest of us, and it has been my good fortune to have known Dr. Binder over these three decades. But most important, is the good fortune patients have seeking Dr. Binder’s help and surgical skills.”