lowdown on liposuction

The Lowdown on Lipo: All You Need to Know About Tumescent Liposuction

Fat can be a nuisance. It bulges in all the wrong places and sags in all the other wrong places. If you can pinch unwanted fat, do not lose hope; you can also remove it with the help of various safe cosmetic procedures.

Tumescent liposuction is a technique that bathes excess fat cells with injected liquid to loosen it from its surrounding muscle and skin. Once the fat is softened, it is easier to extract. A thin tube, called a cannula, gently vacuums the fat and tumescent liquid from the “problem areas” of the body, contouring a more pleasing silhouette as it goes.

The process of tumescent liposuction may seem completely intuitive, but it required some innovation and creativity to bring it to the first patients who benefitted from it.


The cannulas of yesteryear were not as sleek and targeted as the equipment used today. Liposuction required general anesthesia in order to sufficiently sedate patients for their eventual fat extraction. 

Fast forward to the 1980s, when a medical pioneer named Dr. Jeffrey Klein theorized about the application of lidocaine and epinephrine to aid the anesthetizing process. Dr. Klein wanted to perform liposuction without the need for deep sedation, so he formulated his tumescent liquid to be a local anesthetic.

In addition to the numbing effects of epinephrine and lidocaine, the tumescent fluid proved to provide a host of side benefits as well. Blood loss is minimized, bruising is quelled, and swelling is brought under control, all thanks to a serum that was designed to provide comfort during the liposuction procedure.

In other words, Dr. Klein was so forward-thinking that his tumescent concoction not only served to lessen the pain of liposuction in the moment but also for the ensuing recovery process.


The tumescent liposuction method became so popular and proven, its applications evolved rapidly. Not only could the liposuction procedure work to contour away large masses of fat from the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks, but it would also find valuable uses in more delicate parts of the body… and even the face.

During a facelift procedure, your surgeon will employ liposuction to remove unsightly bulges that may accumulate along the jowls or cheeks. These fat deposits are impossible to trim and tone through diet and exercise alone. Instead, it requires the skilled touch of a board-certified physician to sculpt away buccal fat and unsightly neck bulk. 

The goal of tumescent liposuction is to honor the natural shape and silhouette of your features. Liposuction is not intended to be a weight loss solution. Even in extensive cases, liposuction generally removes less than ten pounds of actual fat. Instead, body and facial contouring are the true goals of tumescent lipo. By targeting precise pockets of unwanted fat, your surgeon can deliver an amazing transformation that reflects your ideal self.


The advent of tumescent liposuction ushered in a new day of healing and streamlined procedures. Every facet of the treatment evolved thanks to the innovation of the tumescent method. For example, by shrinking the size of the cannula required to remove unwanted fat, the incision can also be much smaller. Tiny incisions do not require sutures, which negates the need for follow-up visits in most cases. 

Fewer doctor visits helps reduce the overall cost of the liposuction procedure, but that is just one small piece of the puzzle. Tumescent liquid provides enough numbing power to prevent the need for general anesthesia, which means patients do not require hospital care. This further lowers costs, passing the benefits of medical advancement on to the liposuction recipient. 

Tumescent fluid also minimizes blood loss, necessary pain medications, and overall recovery time. Traditional liposuction had typically involved days upon weeks of downtime, resulting in missed work and extensive recuperation. Now, tumescent liposuction patients can be back at the office in 1-3 days, resuming their everyday lives.

To summarize: tumescent liposuction drastically reduces medical costs and allows you to resume your salaried activities, thus amplifying its budgetary appeal.


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but our smiling clientele ups the ante considerably. Just take a look at our success stories to see how tumescent liposuction facilitates smoother procedures and tangible benefits. Facelifts utilize tumescent fluid to gently extract bothersome pockets of fat cells without causing bruising or extensive swelling. Dr. Binder is able to work his cosmetic magic thanks to the subtle, precise flexibility that tumescent liposuction allows.

There is a great reason why tumescent liposuction is sometimes called liposculpture. Just as an artist unleashes timeless beauty by delicately removing slivers of material from a block of stone, Dr. Binder can maneuver his cannula to craft the ideal look and feel for your features. For best results, just add tumescent liquid!


While we are discussing the myriad advancements that tumescent liposuction has added to the world of cosmetic enhancement, we would be remiss to ignore Dr. Binder’s considerable contributions to his chosen field of expertise. He is a pioneer of Botox applications, discovering the compound’s usefulness not only in erasing fine lines but also in treating chronic migraines. 

Dr. Binder truly is a Renaissance man, approaching each face holistically. Whether you struggle with excess fat deposits, loose skin, or persistent wrinkles, Dr. Binder can address your concerns with compassion and professionalism. If tumescent liposuction is right for you, Dr. Binder can perform your procedure with the utmost care. More importantly, he will advise you against liposuction if you do not meet the basic requirements of skin laxity and general health. Contact our Beverly Hills office to learn how Dr. Binder can strategize the appropriate aesthetic plan for your unique face, body, and soul.