revision rhinoplasty

Everything You Need to Know About Revision Rhinoplasty

When you are unhappy with the shape or size of your nose, then your dissatisfaction is as clear as… well, the nose on your face. Your perception may lead to insecurities and you might even avoid social situations as a result.

The best way to alter your profile is with a rhinoplasty (nose job) procedure from a board-certified professional. This surgical approach contours the external lines and dimensions of the nose without compromising the vital structures of the nostrils within.

But not every surgery is a one-size-fits-all affair. Perhaps you have undergone rhinoplasty surgery already, but the outcome left you less than pleased. This is why pencils have erasers. Revision rhinoplasty is the art of correcting a nose job that did not provide the patient’s desired results. A skilled surgeon can improve your look and either build upon the limited success of your past procedure or counteract its failures.

And isn’t that what cosmetic enhancement is all about: improvement?


We live in an age of rapid change. The Internet floods your consciousness with possibilities and information by the nanosecond. But we are often so focused on the deluge of what we can do that we forget what we should do.

Doctors are competing for attention in an already crowded field. They may boast lower rates and flashy new techniques, but there is no substitute for experience. If a low-cost nose job looks too good to be true, it probably is. Be sure to research your surgeon or else you will be back for a revision procedure as quick as you can wiggle your nose.


Nose jobs must address two major factors in order to be considered a success: they must improve both functionality and aesthetics. Sure, you want your nose to look great, but you also need it to work perfectly. You breathe through it every second of every day. The nose demands respect! This is why rhinoplasty is so much more exacting than other cosmetic surgeries. A chin implant, for example, can reshape your face, but it doesn’t do much on a daily basis (other than keeping up appearances).

Nose jobs are under intense scrutiny, and the main critic should be you.

Only you can determine the final outcome of your rhinoplasty. It is not up to your friends, your romantic partner, or even your medical team (no matter how skilled they may be) to say what is right for your face. You are in control and you demand satisfaction.


According to 2020 estimates on the Real Self medical influencer site, between 5% and 15% of board-certified plastic surgeons have had to revise nose job procedures on their patients. 

And that’s the good news.

The bad news is that the national average is much higher when you take into account unlicensed and inexperienced doctors. One major reason they give for these numbers: patients’ impatience. Everyone wants a quick fix, and they may rush into revision surgery before the contours of the original procedure have even set.

Keep calm. Breathe. And read on…


One of the most immediate ways to reshape your nose is through the non-surgical liquid rhinoplasty procedure. This is a method by which dermal fillers plump and mold the small imperfections on your nose by adding volume just below the skin. 

Liquid rhinoplasty is temporary, dissipating within months of injection. It may be a way to preview how a rhinoplasty procedure can transform your nose, but the treatment has a few downsides:

  • Dermal fillers can only add size to your nose; they can’t reduce its mass.
  • To be effective, the structure of your cartilage must be to your liking. Superficial injections will have no effect on the hard ridge on the bridge of your nose in any meaningful way.
  • The benefits of dermal fillers may be fleeting, especially in an area as finite as your nose. Doctors have much more success filling wrinkles and lines around your nose, but these pliable solutions are not designed to add permanent volume to the nose itself.


Expedience is great for online shopping, but your health and wellness deserve consideration. Do not rush forward with any medical procedure, especially one that will stare you in the face for the rest of your life.

Rhinoplasty is a delicate discipline. Every nanometer of skin, every minuscule curve, and every gradation along the nose add up to excellence. You want a surgeon who will study your medical past, listen to your future goals, and be present for every crucial detail of the consultation process and beyond.

In short: you need Dr. Binder.

He is more than just a leader in his field; he is a pioneer of cosmetic innovation. Dr. Binder has revolutionized the use of Botox, for example, elevating it from its role in beautification to apply it to migraine alleviation.

Dr. Binder thinks past the limitations of other surgeons and ponders the full range of possibilities presented by modern science. If you had a past nose job that fell short of expectations, you want to consult with someone who will aspire to perfection. “Good enough” is never enough for Dr. Binder, and you deserve to reap the rewards of his decades in medicine.

Whether you are seeking a do-over on the rhinoplasty results you received elsewhere or you are new to cosmetic enhancement, Dr. Binder is the ultimate resource for you. Contact his Beverly Hills office and add some know-how to your nose now!