Surgery is not always the best choice for everyone, alternatives for facial aesthetics can include less invasive procedures such as Botox, fillers, fat transfers and skin care. Individuals looking for a more youthful look can leap beyond creams without painful recovery and exorbitant costs associated with surgery, but still get similar results. Based on long-term use of the filler material, unbiased clinical studies and sound scientific and anatomical principles, Dr. Binder can apply 25 years of experience and knowledge to customize the perfect option or combination of options. This experience is key to understanding the varied number of products available (and is key to properly evaluating the new products that come to market).


Facial Fillers

Youthful skin is firm and able to retain its own structure. It remains relatively plump and well...

Laser Resurfacing

Fine wrinkles, brown age spots, roughened sunspots, pigmentary abnormalities and many sun...

Cosmetic Botox

Over the past decade, BOTOX has become part of the American culture as a treatment...

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Many cosmetic surgeons agree that the earlier one begins a consistent skin care regime, the more benefits he/she will experience later. Though some causes can be attributed to genetics, aging, smoking or sun exposure, other bad habits that promote the breakdown of collagen in the skin contribute as well. We only have one body. Each decision we make that works toward the detriment of our health, contributes to its downfall. Therefore, the more we take care of our body, the more it will take care of us. Introducing a healthy lifestyle after these types of procedures is just as important as any postoperative instructions to maintain the benefits achieved in the operating room. Healthy choices, sunscreen and a daily dose of vitamin D go a long way.