Facial Implants

Face the Facts: Facial Implants Offer Long-Lasting Solutions to Sagging Skin

Your face is your marquee to the world. It is an interactive billboard that shows others what you are feeling and how you perceive social stimuli. But as your face ages, it loses some of its verve.

The body produces less collagen and elastin in its later years. These compounds serve as the building blocks of healthy skin. As the sophisticates scaffolding beneath the surface of your face erodes, it leaves skin droopy and saggy.

There are a number of ways to address facial laxity. You can remove excess tissue, plump underlying gaps with temporary fillers, or opt for a more permanent solution: facial implants.


Facial implants are solid yet pliable devices that add volume to areas of the face that need extra definition. They may consist of silicone, polyethylene, hydroxylapatite, or even a flexible metallic mesh.

The range of materials used to construct facial implants is indicative of their variability and versatility. If your cheeks become deflated over time, for example, your doctor can give them a subtle lift with carefully placed implants shaped precisely to accentuate the mid-face.

But not all implants are designed to address aging. You may be a younger person who is dissatisfied with the projection of your chin. To address a “weak” or receding chin, consider the benefits of a chin implant. Similarly, jaw implants make a strong statement. They are elongated medical devices that broaden the width of the lower face and add character to one’s appearance. 


When facial implants are surgically placed, they allow the skin to enjoy a youthful volume. The face appears fuller and more rounded in all the areas where skin had once wrinkled and sagged away from the soft tissue below it.

The implantation process is delicate and definitive. You should only trust the procedure to a skilled surgeon with years of experience with innovative medical techniques. The process begins with the administration of an appropriate amount of anesthesia. Your doctor will explain the process and ensure that you are safe and comfortable throughout the facial implant procedure. 

The exact parameters of your surgery will depend on several factors. The purpose of implantation is to enhance your appearance, so it is imperative to conceal any incisions as thoroughly as possible. If you are receiving cheek implants, for example, the incisions are generally made inside the mouth, where nobody can see them. This allows your surgeon proper access to the cheekbones, where your implants will be placed. Cheek implants raise your overall profile by amplifying the drama of your mid-facial features.

Jaw implants are also achieved via incisions within the mouth. Your surgeon will carefully insert a thin device along the lower contours of the face to add a subtle (yet striking) dimension to the jawline. This procedure can be performed in conjunction with a chin implant. By adding projection to the chin, your doctor can give you a strong silhouette and enhanced proportion to your face.


Facial implants are designed to correct a wide array of conditions. Older individuals can recapture their youth with products that fill sagging skin and emulate their inner vitality. Young adults can achieve the contours of their dreams by adding angles to their features that reflect their true selves. 

We do, however, advise against facial implants for adolescents. The craniofacial system is developing throughout your teenage years, and we want you to enjoy maturity in all its glory. Once you are done developing, you can determine your own destiny by exploring the many options that medical science has to offer.


The human face is amazingly resilient. It weathers the elements every day and does so with a smile. Facial implantation is a precise science and art, so its impact on your health should not be too arduous.

Recovery time for implant surgery is typically about one week. Your surgeon will advise you to take certain precautions to aid the recuperation process to the best of your abilities. For instance, sleep on your back and keep your head elevated so as not to put the pressure of adverse circulation on the area that was treated. Avoid strenuous activity and allow the healing process to progress without rushing it. Great results are worth the wait!

Speaking of results, your fresh new face will emerge in various stages. First, you will see an immediate improvement due to the shape and dimensions of your chosen implant(s). Your skin will experience a youthful tightening as it adheres to the contours of your new features. 

Next, the full effects of your facial implants will manifest themselves over the course of 1-2 months. The swelling gradually subsides as your body adapts to the parameters of the implants lifting and filling your appearance. 


Facial implants allow you to empower your cosmetic journey. You choose the shape and size, and Dr. Binder does the rest. He will consult with you regarding your aesthetic goals, explaining your options so you can make an informed decision.

If implantation is not perfectly suited to you, Dr. Binder can recommend the less invasive avenue of dermal fillers. You can enjoy plumper, firmer features with the help of products such as Restylane and Juvéderm. If you like what you see, then you can revisit the idea of facial implants at a later date.

For excessively loose skin, consider the benefits of a facelift. Dr. Binder can remove unwanted tissue and drape your skin to highlight your naturally youthful contours. You are the captain of your cosmetic journey, and Dr. Binder is the best copilot in Southern California. Contact his Beverly Hills office and set sail for improvement!