William J. Binder, MD, FACS—pushing facial aesthetics into the future
PSP Plastic Surgery Practice – January, 2011

Cheekbone contouring is becoming standard fare. The high, defined look is achieved with plastic implants inserted through incisions inside the mouth or under the lower eyelid. The operation costs upward of $1,500 and takes less than an hour. Although cheekbone (malar) implants can be removed – with some risk of scarring – the surgery is generally considered to be permanent.

A face lift (particularly the second or third) may cause an older face to sink in, looking gaunt and aged. This happens when the layer of tissue and fat that makes a young face soft and slightly rounded disappears, and the skin is pulled taut. Now there may be a solution:

William Binder, M.D., of the University of California at Los Angeles, has devised a soft, silicone-filled pillow which is inserted inside the cheek under the bone to fill out hollows. The technique costs about $3,000.