Closed Rhinoplasty

Los Angeles Magazine – November 2000

THE PROBLEM: A schnozz that has more character than a Paris apartment.

THE SOLUTION: “Closed technique” rhinoplasty.

WHAT IT IS: Nasal reshaping using only internal incisions.

WHAT IT CAN DO: Eliminate the need to remove the skin on the nose, the norm in the common “open technique.”

THE UPSIDE: “The original ‘nose job’ was called a reduction rhinoplasty,” “ says Dr. William Binder, a facial plastic re-constructive surgeon in Beverly Hills. “Surgeons remove cartilage; that’s all they knew.” Often, the pinched result was aesthetically regretful and caused structural and breathing problems as well. Improved tools and techniques allow surgeons to reposition natural cartilage to provide the desired shape and projection – with little to no scarring.

THE DOWNSIDE: This is your face after all. Look for a doc who specializes in the procedure and isn’t squeezing a few rhinoplasties in between liposuctions.

THE FINANCIAL DAMAGE: Primary rhinoplasty starts at $4,500, revisions at $6,500.