Every Day Feels Like New Year’s!

Since she was a teenager, Kaye Indelicato had suffered with such devastating migraines she could barely work or care for her son. Nothing seemed to help–until she heard about the miracles one doctor was achieving with a very surprising cure.

The Woman’s World – December 28, 1999

Then one day, she met a man named Len and began to dream that maybe she could finally be happy… Yet even as she fell in love, dread filled Kaye’s heart. What if he doesn’t understand? She worried.

But when the truth spilled out, Len’s eyes filled with compassion. “My father suffered from migraines,” he said. “I know what you’re going through.”

As she glided toward her groom, Kay felt like she was walking on air. But a cloud still hung over her life. Will this ever end? She agonized when headaches left her bed-ridden for days at a time.

Then one day, the phone rang. It was Len’s friend from work. “I saw a report on the news about a new treatment for migraines,” he began. “It was discovered by accident,” Len told Kay that night. Plastic surgeon William Binder, M.D.,had been using botulism to erase wrinkles when he noticed that patients he’d treated reported that their migraines had disappeared!

Botulism? Kaye gasped. But isn’t that the food poisoning bacteria that… kills people?

“It’s a very weakened form called Botox,” Len explained. But then she thought about how, for four decades, the migraines had held her hostage. “I’ll make an appointment,” she promised.

But before she had a chance, Kaye felt another headache coming on. And now, her hands trembling, she called Dr. Binder’s office.

“I think we can help you,” he said when they met. “For many migraine sufferers, Botox injections have worked wonders. But there are risks.” In rare cases, he explained, Botox could cause facial paralysis. I could be disfigured? Kaye gulped. But the chance of that was slim and the pain so great.

“Let’s do it,” she decided. Please let this work! She prayed as the doctor injected Botox above her eyebrows, around her hairline, over her ears. Then he led Kaye to a darkened room to wait.

Slowly, the pain began to lift. Could it be? Kaye dared to hope. But as the minutes crept buy, she found her self sitting up pain-free! When Dr. Binder returned, Kaye was crying tears of joy. “It worked!” she shouted.

The next morning Kay awoke to sunshine and no pain. She held her breath, waiting for the crushing pain to start. But that day and the next passed without even a twinge!

A month after her first treatment, Kaye danced the night away at Chris’ wedding reception. Thank you, Lord, she prayed. This truly is miracle! With the help of Botox injections every three months, Kaye has been migraine-free for three years.