Minimum Lift…Maximum Results

Cosmopolitan – September 1991

You may not be ready for a total face lift – no, not for ages! – but you might want to consider the newest plastic surgery technique for early facial rejuvenation: submalar augmentation, which lifts and plumps out sagging midcheek area (first section of face to show signs of aging). Performed under local anesthetic on an outpatient basis, submalar augmentation costs much less than a full face lift and takes less than an hour. Surgery involves a small incision inside the mouth at top of gum, through which a silicone implant is inserted and positioned just below cheekbone. Facial tissue soon surrounds the implant, keeping it firmly anchored in place.

The procedure – about five years old – was developed by William Binder, M.D., of Los Angeles, and is now offered by plastic surgeons across the country.