NEW FACE for Plastic Surgery

Submalar implants giving people a low-cost lift in life

The Outlook- Monday April 3, 1989

The procedure, called submalar augmentation, takes about 45 minutes, costs $1,500 to $2,500 and is reversible if patients don’t appreciate their new appearance, said Dr. William Binder, a Los Angeles surgeon who created the technique.

Cost of a face lift in the Los Angeles-Beverly Hills area usually starts around $5,000, said Binder, a head and neck surgeon who does facial plastic surgery.

“What (submalar augmentation) does is just restore the appearance of increased soft tissues,” said Binder, an assistant clinical professor at UCLA in the Department of Head and Neck Surgery. “It’s a very simple procedure. There are really no negatives. The happiest patients in my practice are the ones I do this procedure on.”