New ‘Facelift’ Alternative Restores Youthful Appearance

The Palisadian~Post – Thursday, July 27, 1989

Anyone who would like to have a more youthful appearance without the trauma of an actual facelift can now consider “submalar augmentation,” a breakthrough procedure developed by Dr. William J. Binder, F.A.C.S., of Pacific Palisades.The surgery, performed on 200 patients over a six-year period, involves the positioning of a newly-designed silicone implant, which is inserted through the mouth and stabilized with a direct fixation technique. Since it is performed through the mouth, there are no external visible scars and the healing discomfort is minimal, according to Dr. Binder.

Dr. Binder also points out that the cost of submalar augmentation is about one-fourth to one-third the price of a conventional face lift. “The surgery is a 45-minutes operation, easy to perform and predictable.” He feels the operation is especially attractive to people in the 38 to 50 age group who find that the fatty tissues around the cheeks have begun to atrophy, giving them a hollow look. “The procedure augments existing midfacial soft tissue and bony deficiencies and repositions the overlying soft tissues. It does not change the shape of the face.”

Dr. Binder, who has studied 170 patients for an average of 3 ½ years, feels that the procedure postpones the face lift process until such time as it will do the most good. Dr. Binder presented his findings at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) in Washington, D.C. His manuscript was accepted for publication in the Archives of Otolaryngology.

Dr. Binder is in the Department of Surgery, Division of Head and Neck Surgery, UCLA School of Medicine, and Cedars Sinai Medical Center. On August 5, in Newport, Dr. Binder will speak at the International Symposium for Cosmetic Surgery on “The Latest Advances in Cosmetic Surgery of the Face.”