The New Look of Plastic Surgery

The Daily Breeze- July 19, 1990

With the help of no less than a NASA space engineer and computers, Dr. William Binder has developed a procedure called Submalar Augmentation. The surgery involves the positioning of newly designed silicone chin and cheek implants, which can be inserted through the mouth to an area between the cheekbone and midface.

Binder, whose offices are at 9201 Sunset Blvd., explains that during the aging process, the tissue that supports the facial structures breaks down, creating the need for the implants.

That tired look

For those between the ages of about 32 and 48, the implants take away the “tired” look by acting as scaffolding to prop up tired tissue. For those who need a full face lift, the implants are also valuable, because the lift won’t do anything to enhance bone structure. Recovery from this implant surgery takes only about a week and a half (a recovery from a regular face lift takes about a month), and swelling is no worse than that which occurs when wisdom teeth are removed, Binder explains. Costs for the implants run in the $2,000 to $3,000 range and may or may not include operating room and anesthesia charges.