Misconceptions about Face Lifts


5 of the Most Common Misconceptions About Face Lifts

Face lifts are one of the most common plastic surgery procedures, especially among older patients. In fact, 125,711 patients received face lift surgeries in 2015. This procedure lifts and shapes the face by removing excess skin, and may also involve the tightening or removal of the tissues under the skin, like fat and muscles. Like with any procedure this common, there are a lot of widespread misconceptions about face lifts. Here are five of the most common misconceptions about face lifts and why they aren’t true.

1. Face Lift Results Don’t Look Natural

While in the past face lifts could occasionally give a stretched or unnatural looking appearance, the vast majority did not. These unnatural looking results are even less common now with the use of new techniques and technology, such as lasers, endoscopy, and liposuction. The risk of poor results is even further minimized when the face lift procedure is performed by a skilled plastic surgeon. A good plastic surgeon will tailor the procedure to your facial structure and aesthetic goals to give you the best, most natural looking results possible.

2. Face Lifts Reshape the Whole Face

Face lifts only shape the lower third of the face, around the chin and mouth. For this reason, face lifts are often combined with other lift procedures like forehead lifts, brow lifts, eye lifts, and neck lifts. These procedures can be performed at the same time or over time in different surgeries, but most patients choose to undergo a single surgery to minimize recovery time and achieve more significant results at once. Face lifts can also be performed alongside other, more dramatic plastic surgeries like chin or cheek augmentations to give a more significant improvement in appearance.

3. Dermal Fillers Give the Same Results as a Face Lift

Yes, both injectable dermal fillers and face lifts can be used to remove patients’ wrinkles, but dermal fillers can’t compete with the results of more comprehensive lift surgeries. For one, the results of dermal fillers are temporary, only lasting, depending on the variety of filler, from a few months to a year. The results of dermal fillers aren’t as thorough as a face lift either, as fillers aren’t able to remove excess skin and other tissues. However, though injectable dermal fillers can’t replace face lifts, they can put off the need for a face lift for a few years.

4. Face Lift Results Last Forever

As much as we may wish our new, youthful look after our face lift procedure was permanent, the procedure can’t stop aging. For this reason, some patients who get a face lift at a younger age may choose to undergo a second procedure later on. While this second procedure is still invasive, it requires less modification than the first procedure. This second procedure also can’t replicate the results of the first, but each can shed 10 or more years off the appearance of your face.

Of course, a second surgery isn’t necessary, either. 68.5 percent of face lift patients rated their current results after their first procedure as good or exceeding expectations, even at an average follow up period of 12.6 years. The results of your first procedure can also be extended by proper skin care including moisturizing and sun protective ingredients, lifestyle factors like a proper diet and exercise regimens, and limiting alcohol consumption and smoking.

5. All Plastic Surgeons are the Same

Face lifts are invasive surgical procedures that require a skilled and experienced surgeon to get the best possible results. A passionate and well-trained surgeon is able to give far better results than a novice doctor. Dr. William J. Binder is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon who has decades of experience satisfying plastic surgery patients in the Los Angeles area.

At the same time, Dr. Binder has also conducted research and given informational lectures to plastic surgeons around the world. If you want a face lift performed by one of the world’s leading facial plastic surgeons, contact our office today to schedule your consultation.