The Practical and Aesthetic Benefits of Otoplasty

The ears are one of the most subconsciously noticed features of the face. Commonly, the eyes, nose, and smile are among the first things observed when meeting someone. However, the ears play a crucial part in the overall balance of your face, effectively framing the rest of your features. Misshaped ears can be the result of a couple sources. Injury, genetic predisposition, or a poorly-performed previous ear surgery can all leave you with ears lacking the position, shape, or proportion that you desire.

An otoplasty is unique in its ability to be performed at almost any age. Protruding ears can be the subject of teasing and bullying in children who feel self-conscious about how they look. Ear surgery is usually more effective the earlier it is performed. Taking advantage of still-developing cartilage helps guarantee longer lasting results by reshaping the still-flexible ear tissue.

Even mild distortions of the ears can be damaging to your self-esteem, no matter your age. Social situations, being able to wear your hair certain ways, and being photographed are all things you should never have to worry about doing. A successful otoplasty with Dr. Binder’s plastic surgery in Beverly Hills aims to make your life easier by shaping or sculpting your ears to better balance your face, restore self-confidence, and allow you to not think twice about taking part in common, daily activities.

The Procedure

Corrective ear surgery is performed under general anesthesia and usually takes no longer than two hours. For protruding ears, an incision is made behind the ear where cartilage is then sculpted and sutured to maintain the desired positioning.

Yet another special benefit to an otoplasty surgery is its ability to be combined with other cosmetic facial procedures. Many patients choose to include this in conjunction with rhinoplasties and facelifts. Although, most commonly, patients desire their ears to be “pinned back” to avoid protrusion, deformed or disproportionate ears can be reshaped or altered in size to better fit your face as a whole.

It is common to require a soft cast for the days following your procedure, but most post-surgical pain is minimal. The thin scar left from the incision is well hidden behind a natural crease of the ear.


Adults with no previous severe medical conditions and who generally lead a healthy life style are ideal candidates for this procedure. For children, it is generally recommended that they be at least 5 years or older, in relatively good health, able to follow instructions well, and are cooperative. With any candidate, having a thorough understanding of what you wish to change and realistic expectations only makes your procedure more rewarding.

How to Get Started

Dr. Binder’s cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills is often considered the best option for solutions regarding the otoplasty procedure. Our office is dedicated to establishing proper communication with prospective patients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your revision rhinoplasty surgery in our Beverly Hills office.