Why is Rhinoplasty So Popular?

According to the latest study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly a quarter of a million rhinoplastyprocedures were performed in the United States last year, about the same number as the year before. That made it the most popular facial cosmetic surgery, which begs the question: why is rhinoplasty such a popular procedure? Although every individual has his or her own reason for seeking this procedure, the enduring popularity of rhinoplasty can be traced to a number of reasons.

Reconstructive nose surgery dates back thousands of years to ancient India, where physicians would repair damaged noses using a variety of techniques. Today, people still seek rhinoplasty to surgically repair damage to the nose. Usually, this is because of an accident that has caused a nasal fracture. In cases like these, nose surgery can be used to correct functional issues and restore the appearance of the nose. However, at least as many people (if not more) seek rhinoplasty for purely aesthetic reasons.

Concern about the appearance of one’s nose is nothing new. The nose is the central focus of the face, the most prominent feature in many people’s minds. If you feel your nose is too large, too flat, hooked, etc., rhinoplasty can be used to give you a nose that more closely resembles your ideal. In many instances, correcting this one facial feature can have the most dramatic impact of any facial cosmetic procedure.

But the importance placed on the appearance of the nose isn’t the only reason for the popularity of rhinoplasty. Among cosmetic procedures, rhinoplasty is quite affordable. For many patients, the idea of plastic surgery is appealing, but cost can be a barrier. Having one affordable procedure to greatly enhance your appearance is an appealing prospect for many of these individuals. In addition, financing options are usually available for most patients.

Another reason for the popularity of cosmetic nose surgery is the relative ease of the procedure, at least for the patient. Although a good nose job  is a sophisticated procedure for the surgeon to perform well, it is less invasive than other cosmetic surgeries.  The incisions used are typically small and the recovery period is relatively short, especially compared to a procedure like a facelift. A facelift can be a larger surgery and more invasive than rhinoplasty, with a longer postoperative recovery.

Older techniques focused on reducing the size of the nose by removing tissue, usually from the bridge of the nose or the tip. But new methods have opened the door for people from all ethnic backgrounds, further increasing the popularity of this procedure. Doctors can now augment noses to give them a greater projection, reduce nostril width, and generally reshape noses that were once difficult to operate on.   Recently, ethnic rhinoplasty has become an important subject that is currently being taught in academic institutions and is becoming increasingly more popular throughout the world.  Instead, the emphasis has shifted to fashioning noses that work harmoniously with the patient’s existing facial features to create an overall improvement in appearance.

Perhaps the most important factor in the enduring popularity of structure rhinoplasty is the great and enduring results that are typically achieved. Surgeons like to talk about the “predictable” results that the vast majority of patients experience. Advances in rhinoplasty techniques have allowed plastic surgeons to give their patients the noses they want, resulting in an extremely high level of overall patient satisfaction. When it comes to improving your appearance, who wouldn’t want to use a procedure that is likely to produce the best, most noticeable results?