Revision Rhinoplasty

What if I already had a nose job but don’t like the results? Can I get another one?


A rapid exploration on the web will highlight this is not an unprecedented event. Rhinoplasty is thought to be a standout amongst the most challenging corrective surgical techniques.

Pick your specialist carefully. Ensure that he/she has the experience and effective reputation for your particular surgery.

If you have had unpleasant nose work, you will probably be furious, negative, and incredulous of every single plastic surgeon. Your chief emphasis should be to plainly impart to your second plastic surgeon what precisely it is that you are troubled about. You need be to a great degree clear and exact with reference to what you need repaired and/or rectified and what your objectives are from the second surgery.

Bad nose jobs will characteristically fall into one of numerous major categories identified as corrective prospects. There are particular demonstrated remedial methods that will repair each of these with surgery. Your specialist will have the capacity to instruct you with reference to what should be possible to rectify the issue and how he/she will revise it. There are times when the nose must be remade for both appearance and proper breathing.

Before you consider remedial modification Rhinoplasty surgery, ensure that you’ve given your body adequate time to recuperate. The perceptible results one month after your first surgery will look significantly changed 6 months after surgery. As a rule, restorative Rhinoplasty surgery ought not be performed under 12 months after the starting surgery.

What would it be advisable for you to do in the event that you’ve had terrible nose work?


  1. Give your nose time to mend. In case you’re still troubled following the 1 year update, .

rhinoplasty may remedy the issue.


  1. Choose another specialist with the demonstrated reputation in correction rhinoplasty.


  1.      Consult with your specialist (no less than 2 or 3 times) and inform yourself on all parts of

the corrective surgery.


The unfortunate truth is that in a few occurrences, the scar tissue from the first surgery is severe to the point that it makes it for all intents and purposes difficult to accomplish certain outcomes. You and your specialist need to concur on reasonable desires amid your discussion. Dr. William J. Binder, M.D., F.A.C.S. will take the time during your consultation to inquire what your needs and wants are. A co-plan will be implemented so that you will receive the most effective care and results possible.