When Is It Safe To Blow My Nose After Rhinoplasty?

Dr. William J. Binder, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a highly respected global leader in the field of facial contouring. Surgeons around the world now replicate his techniques and breakthrough advancements in facial plastic surgery. His peers recognize him as the premier surgeon in the field of rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty, the number one surgical procedure in the U.S., can be a very difficult procedure. Let the expertise of Dr. Binder guide you through your procedure as well as any questions you may have.

Blowing your nose after rhinoplasty is only one of many questions that patients have after surgery. Other frequently asked questions are:

  1. Will there be any visible signs of a scar?
  2. How painful is the procedure?
  3. How long after surgery should I expect the pain to persist?
  4. What type of pain reliever should I take?
  5. Will I have bruising after surgery?
  6. How long should I expect swelling?
  7. How should I clean the nose after the bandages are removed?
  8. When can I wear start wearing glasses?
  9. How long before I can expect a full 100% recovery?

All these questions and concerns should be discussed with the doctor during the consultation.

Now to address the question at hand: When is it safe to blow your nose after rhinoplasty?

  • When you can blow your nose and how hard you can blow depends on the type of rhinoplasty procedure you have undergone.
  • The timeframe can be as little as two weeks after surgery and as long as 12 weeks after surgery.
  • You should wait for your doctor’s explicit approval before you blow your nose. Until you get that approval, you should apply a saline spray inside the nose and then gently dab.
  • Doctors emphasize that when you do blow your nose, it must be done gently to avoid a nosebleed.

The key take-away is that your doctor is your best source of information for all your questions regarding rhinoplasty and your specific questions regarding blowing your nose after surgery.

Everyone’s nose is different is some way. During your consultation with Dr. Binder he will discuss with you your desired goals and results. He will also use the consultation to educate you on the procedure and the uniqueness of your specific goal. The most important aspect of the consultation is to address any and all your questions and concerns. Ultimately, his overarching philosophy is to create a natural looking appearance for you.