5 Facial Exercises That Can Help Lift Your Face Naturally

Getting a facelift can produce some amazing results. You get smoother, tighter skin that has a more youthful appearance. 

A facelift diminishes the look and depth of your wrinkles. However, you don’t always have to get a facelift procedure to get these kinds of results. 

There are some facial exercises you can do to help lift your face naturally. Consider trying them before getting a facelift.

5 Facial Exercises That Help Lift Your Face Naturally   

Try these five exercises to tighten and sculpt the face naturally:

1. Face Burpee

If you have ever done (or seen) a traditional burpee, you know that this exercise is all about all-over strength training. The difference is that this works the muscles of your entire face.

To do:

  • Using your fingers as resistance, push your eyebrows in
  • Simultaneously, push them up for five seconds (this isolates and defines those muscles)
  • Grab a jade roller — a foam roller for your face — and roll over your skin
  • Do this for five minutes as part of your “cool down”

2.  Upper-Eye Exercise

Facial fitness experts recommend this exercise to anyone looking for an exercise that will give their upper-eye area a boost. It’s simple and feels amazing.

To do:

  • Place three fingers from each hand
  • Position them under your eyebrows
  • Push brows straight up
  • Looking straight ahead, push down against the fingertips using forehead muscles
  • Hold for ten seconds
  • After seven seconds, close your eyes keeping your brows high
  • Relax and repeat for a total of three

3. Under-Eye Exercise

The area under your eye is one of the most sensitive places on your face. The skin isn’t as thick as elsewhere on the face, but it’s still vital to exercise that region.

To do:

  • Look up and close your eyes by first raising the lower lids (should look like a glare)
  • Hold that position for five seconds
  • Release and repeat for a total of three times

4. Crow’s Feet Exercise

People with crow’s feet often got them from a combination of laughing or smiling and aging skin. As your skin begins to go through gradual changes, the wrinkles begin to set into the skin over time, giving the appearance of cracks in the skin. These exercises help smooth out the skin on the outer corners of your eyes. 

To do:

  • Place your thumb pads on the bones at your eyes’ outer corners
  • Look up, gently pressing your thumb toward the eyes (without moving the head)
  • Flutter eyelids for five seconds
  • Release and repeat for a total of four times

5. Jaw-Tightening Exercise

As people begin to age, the skin along their jawlines begins to droop, and constantly staring down at your phone or tablet contributes to that. Experts say that jowl-tightening exercises may help. 

To do:

  • Lift chin to form a taut line between your clavicle and chin (careful not to hyperextend the neck)
  • Turn your head to one side and look over that shoulder
  • Turn to look behind you
  • Stick out your jaw
  • Keep that position for five seconds
  • Release, and slowly return to the first position
  • Repeat for a total of four times per side

Get the Lift You Want With Dr. Binder    

The trick to success with these exercises is consistency, proper hydration, and realistic expectations. Nothing will get you the same result as a cosmetic procedure. If you’re still unhappy with the appearance of your face, Dr. Binder can provide a free consultation to discuss your options.