Fat Grafting: What is it, and Why is it Important to Facial Plastic Surgery?


Fat grafting is the process by which fat is removed from one portion of the body via liposuction, then liquefied by a process of straining and spinning, and finally surgically added to the body elsewhere. Traditionally, this process was used to fill out irregularities in the surface of the skin during procedures such as natural breast augmentation and brazilian butt lifts. Now, however, fat grafting is becoming more and more important to facial plastic surgery.

Fat grafting is also used for facial reconstructive surgery, and is now frequently used in other cosmetic facial plastic surgery techniques.

The Uses of Facial Fat Grafting

Fat grafting can be used as an alternative to more traditional facial implants, with the added benefit of removing fat from less desirable locations. Using this technique, a surgeon can create a more natural facial profile, rebuild facial deformations, and repair tissue damage. Imperfections such as radiation damage from cancer treatment, birth defects, and damage resulting from prior surgery or trauma can now be treated with fat from a patient’s own body.

Facial fat grafting can also be used to augment the results of a  facelift, which is becoming an increasingly popular technique used by plastic surgeons. According to a study in which 300 members of  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons were polled, 85% of the surgeons polled used fat grafting during facelifts.

According to the study, these surgeons found that injecting fat from the patient’s body resulted in a more rounded and fuller appearance in the face, a result that is especially beneficial when performing a facelift to improve upon cheeks that appear gaunt or sunken.

An Increasingly Popular Technique

Fat grafting is one of many tools that a plastic surgeon can implement. Whether used for cosmetic purposes or medical purposes, one thing is certain: fat grafting is becoming increasingly popular and important to facial plastic surgery.

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