Getting Lip Injections For A Special Event

If you have a special event coming up, you may have considered getting lip injections to help you put your best face forward. Lip injections are non-surgical, can be done quickly by a qualified professional, and recovery requires little to no downtime. Even though the downtime is minimal, it is important to know when your lips will look their best.

It may be tempting to get lip injections the day before or even the day of your event. This is not recommended as they need to heal before their peak appearance. Your lips need at least 4-6 days and proper aftercare to achieve the desired results.

The key is developing a plan ahead of time. Think of lip injections in the same concept as you would a spray tan. A spray tan looks best after the second day of application. Therefore, you wouldn’t want it applied on the same day as your event.

The Benefits of Lip Injections

Lip injections are known to have multiple aesthetic benefits. These benefits include:

  • Elevating the corners of your mouth
  • Eliminating marionette lines
  • Reducing lines and creases on and around your lips
  • Defining your cupids bow
  • Lip Flip)

Special Considerations

It is recommended to avoid lip injections if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The effect of most fillers on unborn or breastfeeding babies is not definitively known. It is best to not take the risk.

Air travel is not recommended for one week after your lip injections. Changes in pressure can affect your healing. If you plan to travel via airplane in conjunction with your event, make your appointment at least one week before you fly.

A qualified practitioner should always do lip injections. Placement, type of filler, and amount of filler are crucial to the outcome. Attempting to inject yourself or allowing someone who is unqualified to inject your lips poses a greater risk of serious complications.

Properly Caring for Your Lips After Injection

Even though lip injections involve minimal downtime, it is important to follow aftercare instructions provided by your doctor. Proper aftercare reduces the chance of complications and promotes optimal healing.

  • Take it easy: Avoid strenuous activity or exercise for at least 1 day after the procedure.
  • Manage bruising and swelling: Use an ice pack to reduce bruising and swelling. Be sure not to apply too much pressure, and don’t apply the ice directly to your skin.
  • Avoid alcohol and medications that can thin your blood: Drinking alcohol or taking medications that could thin your blood poses a risk of bleeding. You should stop these two days before and avoided at least one day after your procedure.
  • No touching:Avoid touching or rubbing your lips. This can cause infection and spread the Botox or filler to undesired places. If you need to apply topical medication, use clean hands, and apply gently.
  • Pain management:Pain is usually mild after the procedure. You can use oral and topical pain medications as recommended by your doctor.
  • Drink adequate water and eat healthy foods: Proper hydration and nutrition accelerate the healing process.
  • Stay cool: Avoid exposure to excessive heat and sun for at least two days. This includes saunas and tanning beds.
  • Avoid cosmetics: Don’t apply cosmetics to your lips the day after injections. Facial treatments, exfoliants, and chemical peels should also be avoided.
  • Let it heal: Don’t seek out an additional injection until after your lips are completely healed.
  • Watch for side effects: Mild side effects such as bruising, swelling, mild pain, itching, hives, bleeding, rash, and numbness are common after lip injections. If these effects become severe or you notice signs of impaired tissue perfusion, such as white or pale areas on your lips, consult your doctor.

Are you interested in full and defined lips for an upcoming event? If so, please contact us today for a consultation so we can discuss your options!