How Many Chemical Peels Do I Need to Reduce My Wrinkles?

Chemical peels reduce wrinkles and are an excellent alternative for anyone who cannot or does not want to endure a surgical procedure for wrinkle reduction treatment. 

You can achieve similar results as those of surgical methods. Although, unlike surgery, peels will require more than one treatment.

How many do you need before you begin to see results? 

Experts agree that the sooner you begin a consistent skin care regimen, the more benefits you will experience, and the fewer facial treatments (like chemical peels) are necessary to achieve the desired results. 

Results won’t be immediate. Yet, you can expect to see results in fewer visits than you might think. Let’s examine what to expect with a chemical peel treatment.  

What Are Chemical Peels?  

Chemical peels are facial treatments that improve the appearance of wrinkled skin with an acid solution that removes the outermost layer of skin. The skin that replaces the older skin is typically smoother with fewer wrinkles.

Practitioners perform this non-surgical procedure on the same day in the doctor’s office on the face, neck, and hands. Fair-haired and light-skinned people experience the best results.

There are some possible risks associated with this procedure. Make sure you discuss these during your initial consultation.    

Other treatment options include:

  • Laser resurfacing
  • Dermabrasion
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Laser/light therapy
  • Neuromodulators
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Fat transfers
  • Soft-tissue fillers
  • Non-ablative laser resurfacing

If you are familiar with how laser resurfacing works, the process is similar (removing the top layers of skin), with one significant difference; one uses chemicals, and the other uses a laser. The number of treatments can vary as well. 

What You Need to Know Before You Begin Chemical Peel Treatments   

The number of treatments necessary to achieve the desired results can vary by patient. However, typically treatment only requires three to six visits, based on the type of treatment you get and your overall health condition.

There are three depths your doctor will go when doing a chemical peel. Each has a unique treatment method, and the Mayo Clinic published an article to help explain each of these and how your doctor will perform them.

  • Light chemical peel
  • Medium chemical peel
  • Deep chemical peel

The number of visits, types of treatments, and personal health determine how many treatments you will require. Generally speaking, here’s what you can expect during and after your procedure:

During the Procedure  

You may feel a burning sensation during the procedure that typically lasts between five to ten minutes. You will experience mild discomfort, although the doctor can take measures to reduce this. 

It’s okay to use a cold compress application during the procedure if you experience pain. Don’t suffer through the treatment. Let your doctor know how you are feeling throughout the process. 

Recovery and Pain Management  

Depending on the type of peel, recovery can last from one day (for light peels) to as many as 14 days (deep peels). You may experience soreness, redness, and swelling. These are normal but if you experience severe pain or a break in the skin, contact your doctor’s office immediately. You can treat the skin with doctor-approved creams or lotions, and talk to your doctor before taking over-the-counter pain medications.

Begin Treatments Today and See Results Quickly    

Dr. Binder is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with more than 25 years of experience performing facial treatments with positive outcomes. Restore your self-esteem while combatting the effects of aging. Consider chemical peels to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles with only a handful of treatments.

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