When to Consider Lip Augmentation Surgery

Having full lips is very attractive and among the most popular beauty trends today. But unfortunately, not everyone is born with luscious lips. Thanks to modern science, you are no longer left to simply accept the lips you are born with. The good thing is, there are plenty of options that will help improve your lips’ appearance. The most common procedure to do this is getting a lip augmentation surgery.

Lip augmentation is a procedure wherein fillers like collagen and fats are injected into your lips as well as around the mouth to increase its volume and shape. It is also done to reduce wrinkles around the mouth area while improving the contour of the lips with respect to other facial features.
There are different ways for cosmetic surgeons to perform lip augmentation surgery and these methods vary depending on your goals. For instance, fat transfers are an injection of fat obtained from liposuction and injected into your lips. Other lip augmentation methods include a dermal graft, lip implant, and lip lift.

The lip augmentation procedure can result in better-looking lips. But how do you define a good-looking lip? First, the cupid’s bow, or the center of the lips, should be well-defined while the lower lip should be fuller than the upper lip.

A good candidate for lip augmentation should have a good overall health. Suffering from medical conditions such as oral herpes, lupus, and blood-clotting disorders are warning signs that you shouldn’t get this procedure done. While lip augmentation is considered as one of the easiest out-patient cosmetic surgical procedure, not everyone should or can get it. So, how do you identify if you are a good candidate for lip augmentation? Read on!

If You Have Thin Lips

Most people are born with naturally thin lips. If your lips are thin, such that they disappear especially when you smile, then you can get a lip augmentation to improve their shape and volume. It is important to note that your doctor will not just blow up your thin lips and make it fuller. The doctor needs to deal with certain landmarks on your lips and will augment them specifically so that the end result are natural-looking and highly attractive lips.

People who have thin lips will usually get hyaluronic acid fillers injected in their lip area. Hyaluronic acids are naturally found in the skin including fat and collagen. Thus, they provide suppleness, firmness and even moisture to the skin.

If You Are in Your Late Thirties

Once you get to your late thirties, your lips will become less plump and thinner looking. Having thinner lips is part of the natural process of aging. If you are not happy with how your lips look now, you can opt for lip augmentation to improve the way your lips look.

Most beauty trends today revolve around symmetry and balance. Remember that lip augmentation is also carried out with other cosmetic procedures to create a harmonious balance within the face. Since the lips may not be the only problematic area on your face that needs cosmetic attention, the surgeon might also need to deal with wrinkles around the mouth and may also need to add fillers to the cheek areas. The thing is, it may look unbalanced if you have lip augmentation done, yet your cheeks and eyes look hollowed and sunken.

If You Feel Conscious About Your Lips

If your lips are causing you self-confidence issues, then it is high time that you should consider getting lip augmentation. Getting this procedure will help you save a lot of time and effort defining your lips with cosmetics to shape it the ideal way you want it to look. Getting a lip augmentation can help you improve your self-confidence.

However, you need to understand that since the hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the body, the effects of lip augmentation can be temporary. This is especially true if you discontinue getting them. Make sure that you work with your cosmetic surgeon so that he or she can recommend what kind of procedure to get and how often it needs to be redone if it is temporary. If you don’t repeat the process, then your lips will retract to its original shape and you will end up suffering a double dose of confidence issues.

If You Think Having a Fuller Lips Will Balance Your Face

There are times when you look in the mirror and instantly begin thinking that there is something wrong with your face. If you think that having fuller lips can help you achieve the facial balance that you desire, then go ahead and proceed with a lip augmentation.

Gorgeous lips are at the top of the list as far as 2017 beauty trends go. But, you need to consider some things such as your doctor may need to assess your facial features so that he or she can decide on how to go about the lip augmentation. This will help the end result of your facial features to look proportioned. Don’t forget this, a reliable and good doctor will not just pump in the fillers without studying your face first.

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