What is a Multi-Level Facelift?

Life goes on. It’s a common saying that’s often overused in times of strife or when accepting something outside of our control. However trite it may sound, it’s true when concerning the aging process, we can’t control it. However, that doesn’t mean it’s completely out of our hands. Or rather, in the hands of someone like Dr. Binder.

Years and years of research and procedures have led to tremendous strides in technology along with higher quality results in the facial rejuvenation and cosmetic surgery industry. The multi-level approach to facial surgery is one that provides a personalized procedure to those with specific desires for particular areas of the face.

Facelift Surgery

As we all know, aging is a completely natural and inevitable process. The loss of both superficial and deeper adipose fat tissue is what causes the undesirable sagging of skin, development of deep wrinkles, and thinning of the lips. These results of the aging process can be accelerated by factors such as over-exposure to the sun or drug/alcohol use.

Considering aging is so universal, it’s no wonder some people might be inclined to restore some of the elasticity and youthfulness to their face. This is the primary goal of a facelift procedure. Drooping jowls or eyebrows, bags under the eyes, wrinkles, or a sagging neck are all common areas patients have successfully improved with facelift surgery.

Where old facelift procedures would “pull” the skin tight around the face in an effort to forcibly smooth out wrinkles, this grew ineffective and often resulted in an artificially sleek looking face. This is because of the now-outdated focus on only surface level skin. With newer technology and practices, contemporary facelifts focus on deeper tissues in the face and aim to achieve a longer-lasting and more natural result.

The Multi-Level Approach

The multi-level approach to a face-lifting surgery is a relatively recent approach to the cosmetic surgery industry. No single patient is the same and no single patient should be treated as such. That’s why Dr. Binder and his team adopted this highly-personalized method of surgery. Where one patient may desire a full-scale face and neck lift, another may only require a neck liposuction, double chin correction, or eyelid fat removal. This customizable technique of administering treatment is an ideal way to effectively deliver individualized results for everybody.

The different facelift procedures are:

  • Vertical Midface Lift – Lifts the deep fat tissues, primarily of the jowls, and aims to prevent the unnatural “mask-like” look.
  • Under the Chin Neck Lift – The Bidirectional Neck Lift takes muscle from underneath the chin and repositions it upward, creating a better contoured muscular sling. Results are long-lasting.
  • Submental Neck Lift – Reinforces the platysmal muscle that is responsible for bands over the front of the neck.
  • Neck Lipo – This procedure is aimed at younger patients with an excess of fat around the neck and a substantial amount of skin elasticity.
  • Subperiosteal Midface Lift – Designed for younger patients who desire elevated cheeks. Produces nearly-invisible scars just above the hairline.

When considering such a permanent change with a procedure such as a facelift, it is critical that your treatment and care are personalized specifically for your needs and your needs alone. Along with the state of the art advancements in the plastic surgery space, a multi-level approach ensures you achieve not only facial rejuvenation, but the facial rejuvenation that is right for you.

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