6 Things You Can Do to Beautify Your Skin

Some people are lucky enough to enjoy near-flawless, resilient skin thanks to a genetic predisposition; but for most of us, it’s all about making the right choices and taking proper care of our skin. While it may take dedication to properly look after your skin, anybody can achieve a beautiful complexion by following some simple skincare routines. These are also valuable steps that can help maintain the results of facial cosmetic procedures – be sure to discuss these with your doctor first, however.

Here’s a look at a simple six-step skincare routine that can help you achieve the beautiful complexion you’re been dreaming about.

6 Steps for Basic Skincare

This skin care routine is all about feeding your skin. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and for most of us it’s malnourished. Feeding, nourishing, and pampering your skin is as easy as this simple six-step routine.

Basic Care:

    1. Cleanse your face and neck every morning and night
      Always cleanse in circular motions in an upward direction. Be gentle with your skin. There is no need for heavy pressure while cleansing. You don’t need to use anything but your hands for this step, although you may choose to use a washcloth.
    2. Tone your skin every time you wash your face and neck
      This is one of the most important, but forgotten, steps in your skincare routine. When you tone your skin, you’re adjusting the pH back to normal, which is critical to keep your face balanced and healthy. Toning also removes any stubborn dirt left on your face and prepares your skin for moisturizing. For the best results, gently use a cotton ball in an upward motion.
    3. Moisturize your face and neck every morning and night
      You should always moisturize your skin after cleansing and toning. Apply your moisturizer in an upward motion. This is important for all skin types, as this is the step that feeds your skin.

For extra pampering:

    1. Exfoliate
      Exfoliate your skin no more than every three to five days. Use circular, upward, gentle motions with very gentle products. Remember that you are simply exfoliating dead skin, which takes very little pressure. Abrasive loofahs or shell powder-based exfoliants are not necessary.
    2. Eye creams
      Eye creams are designed to super-moisturize the finest skin on your face. Always use your ring finer or pinky to apply these products around the delicate area of your eyes. Your pinky or ring finger are weaker by nature and force you to apply gentle pressure.
    3. Masks
      Use masks every one or two weeks to detoxify, renew, and tighten your pores. Before you apply a mask, it is important to cleanse and tone. Be sure to leave the mask on your face and neck for five to 20 minutes, depending on the type of mask. Gently and thoroughly remove the mask with warm water, and then tone and moisturizer your face and neck.

The 6 Products You Need in Your Skincare Routine:

    1. Cleanser
      A good cleanser sets the stage for your whole routine. Ultimately, your cleanser should be gentle, water-soluble, and able to remove makeup. Avoid using anything with soap in it (soap’s pH level is too basic and will dry out your skin). When it comes to finding the best cleanser, let your unique skin be your guide and choose a product designed to target your primary skin concern (acne, dryness, oiliness, or sensitivity).
    2. Toner
      Toner often gets dismissed as overkill, but as part of a comprehensive skincare routine, toner is actually pretty crucial. Not only does it remove any oil or makeup residue, it also preps your cleansed skin to receive whatever treatments you put on next. Choose a gentle, non-alcohol based formula with skin-repairing ingredients, as well as calming and anti-inflammatory properties.
    3. Exfoliator
      The best ways to go about exfoliating your face is to either use a cleanser with chemical exfoliants in it, or a dedicated physical exfoliator. Either way, you should only use this product about two times a week. Chemical exfoliators are best for sensitive skin, and physical ones (with gritty bits) are good for occasional use if your skin is on the dry and flaky side.
    4. Serums
      Packed full of active ingredients, serums are for brightening, repairing, evening, smoothing texture, hydrating, and anti-aging. Some have multiple purposes and some are singular in the way that they work. You can layer serums or pick just one to focus on your biggest skin concern.
    5. Targeted treatments
      These are generally used for treating blemishes, dark spots, and physical symptoms of skin conditions like eczema. They usually have powerful ingredients that should be used sparingly and (usually) at night to avoid damage from sun sensitivity.
    6. Moisturizer
      Moisturizers are made for all kinds of complexions, either oil-free or loaded with skin care goodies like antioxidants and vitamins. You can use facial oil as a moisturizer too, no matter what your skin type.

In the event that none of the above alleviate the entirety of skin health-related issues or concerns you have, cosmetic options such as chemical peels or microdermabrasions may be the answer you’re looking for. In the event that you believe a professional cosmetic solution is the way to move forward, make sure you discuss this at length with the plastic surgeon you’re considering before making any impulsive decisions.

Consult with Dr. Binder

If you have any questions or concerns about how to properly look after your facial skin or the cosmetic options that are available to you, then be sure to book a consultation with Dr. Binder.