New Trends for Botox

The term “botulinum toxin” doesn’t exactly roll off of the tongue, but it is far more common than you think. Going by the brand name Botox, these safe and effective injections are often used to smooth wrinkles along the patient’s skin by relaxing the musculature that creates crow’s feet, laugh lines, and other unwanted facial imperfections.

Over 7 million such procedures take place in the United States every year. Contrary to popular assumption, however, they aren’t all prescribed above the neck, nor are they merely for cosmetic application.

The demographics of Botox users are also shifting rapidly, so we wanted to stay ahead of the latest trends by breaking down a few of them in the following list…

Botox for Nipples

Shaping one’s face is a delicate and intricate process. Every line and pore is precious and unique, so finding the right surgeon is essential. This is more than just a simple process of choosing a name off the internet; you are beginning a conversation that will evolve with every nip and tuck that you strategize with your doctor.

And the nipples are arguably even more delicate than many facial features. They are sensitive, small, and yet vulnerable to the same elements of age and gravity that affect the rest of our bodies and faces.

That’s why Botox might be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to perking up your chest features. A simple injection can make the nipples fuller and more pronounced, fending off the body’s natural tendencies to sag and wrinkle. However, the botox isn’t so stringent that it hardens the region; instead, it provides a natural firmness and yield just like youthful nipples should.

While Kendall Jenner has inspired this latest current craze for Botox breast enhancements, we must advise you to embark upon your own cosmetic journey for your own reasons. The attempts to shadow others’ looks or emulate your favorite celebrity are often fruitless.

Botox for Migraines

Over 3.3 million Americans suffer from chronic migraine pain, but about two-thirds of them haven’t yet received a proper diagnosis. This leads to extended periods of discomfort, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, nausea, and other persistent symptoms of the insidious condition.

Some people suffer from migraine episodes for 8 days out of the month, which is a huge detraction from their work, lives, and general health.

But there may be a simple and effective way to whisk those headaches away. Botox injections along the bridge of the nose, upper back, forehead, and temples can work to alleviate the pain transmitters that exacerbate migraines. The procedure only takes about 15 minutes to conduct, but it should be administered a second or even third time to fully get the benefits of the solution.

And the results speak for themselves: patients who received two rounds of Botox reported having half as many migraines in a given month, and the success rate was about 50%. When the number of sessions rose to five Botox injections, that figure of satisfied patients rocketed to 70%.

While Botox may not be the perfect fit for all migraine sufferers, the data is certainly compelling enough to investigate further with your medical team.

Preventative Botox for Millennials

The aging process doesn’t miraculously begin when you hit age 50 or 60 or (fill in the blank). It starts the moment we’re born and follows us through every day, minute, and second of our lives.

Twenty- and thirty-somethings are the latest demographic to recognize this reality, making them the fastest growing sector of Botox recipients in the cosmetic field. The injections have become yet another tool in the grooming toolbox, just like hair products and selfie sticks.

Speaking of selfies, social media may be a contributing factor when it comes to the rise of millennial Botox use. We live our lives increasingly on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, so why wouldn’t we want to look our best online?

Preventative Botox to the rescue! This is a practice by which young adults begin to tailor their look by manipulating the muscles that will eventually create wrinkles. By tweaking them at a young age, it pushes off the ravages of Father Time even further down the road.

One major benefit of starting the Botox process at a young age is that it melds more naturally with your overall look. For instance, if you wait until your 70th birthday to try cosmetic surgery, then the “before and after” juxtaposition will be stark and sudden. Everybody will notice that you dropped ten years overnight. However, if you gradually incorporate Botox and other such procedures into your beauty regimen, then the results will be more subtle. By shaving off a few years over the course of decades, your evolution is natural; it merely looks like you age less rapidly than everyone around you.

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