What You Should Know About Your Plastic Surgeon


Plastic surgery can be a big decision, but it is one that can yield many benefits and lead to increased self-confidence. However, before you commit to plastic surgery, here are some facts you should know about your plastic surgeon:

Your Plastic Surgeon is Not a Magician

It is important to have realistic expectations. Be sure that you are not expecting your surgeon to magically make your body perfect. Know that each person and each surgeon will garner different results, and you must be aware of the likely outcome of your surgery.

Be sure to openly communicate with your surgeon about your goals, and ask what the most likely outcome is. For instance, it isn’t realistic to expect a  facelift to transform a 45 year old to a 20 year old. Yes, the procedure can enhance your look and take years off of your appearance, but not 25 years.

Some Plastic Surgeons Will Tell You No

A good surgeon will reject a poor candidate for surgery. If you are too high risk or if your expectations are not obtainable, a good, ethical surgeon will suggest that you either reconsider or postpone your surgery until you are a more desirable candidate for surgery.

Beware the plastic surgeon who will accept any patient. Find a plastic surgeon who has your best interests and your health in mind, even if it means being told no.

Not All Plastic Surgeons Are Equally Certified

Most people know to seek out an experienced surgeon who is board certified. But board certified by whom? Not all certifications are created equal. Each board has different qualifications that surgeons must meet in order to become board certified. Some boards allow for a take-home test and a weekend conference attendance in order to become certified, while others are much more rigorous.

Check your surgeon’s specific board certifications to ensure they are from reputable sources with high standards for certification. Look for a surgeon who is certified in medical specialties, such as  otolaryngology and plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Some Plastic Surgeons are More Qualified Than Others

Plastic surgery is a highly competitive field. Finding the best surgeon can be difficult. Each patient will have their own ideal plastic surgeon–since no two people or surgeons are alike. Here are some tips for finding the ideal surgeon:

  • Find a surgeon who is qualified to teach other surgeons or who has held a fellowship in their specialty field.
  • Look for surgeons who have been published in peer-reviewed journals in their field of work.
  • Seek surgeons who have dedicated years of experience in perfecting their craft.

Many Plastic Surgeons Have a Passion for Helping People

That’s why they entered the field. Improving the self-confidence of patients by treating imperfections is incredibly challenging and admirable work, and that’s why many plastic surgeons do what they do.

Many surgeons use their skills to fix  cleft palates, aid burn or accident victims with reconstruction, or provide surgeries to help remedy birth defects or deformities. Look for a surgeon who puts his or her talent to good use.

You Get What You Pay For

Just because a plastic surgeon has outrageously low procedure prices doesn’t mean that their work will be up to par. You do “get what you pay for” with plastic surgery. Look past the price tag to the source of the surgery. Does the surgeon do quality work? Are they board certified? Do they have satisfied patients?

Settling for a bargain from a poor surgeon can result in poor results or health complications. Do your homework and make sure that your plastic surgeon is reputable as well as affordable.

Your Plastic Surgeon Wants to Hear Your Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask your plastic surgeon any questions you might have. Some questions to keep in mind for your plastic surgeon are:

  • What’s the length of time and pain level associated with healing?
  • Are there long term effects associated with the procedure?
  • Will insurance cover this procedure?

Your surgeon would prefer that you bring up a concern or question so that it is addressed and it doesn’t affect your satisfaction with your outcome later.

Keep an Open Line of Communication

Knowing the truth about your surgeon will make your plastic surgery decision easier. Make sure that you and your plastic surgeon have an open and honest line of communication.

As a published surgeon, holder of 10 patents in the field, and founder of techniques implemented throughout plastic surgery, Dr. Binder has been sought out by countless patients during his years of work in plastic surgery. If you are considering facial plastic surgery, look no further than Dr. Binder.  Schedule your consultation today.