Post-Accident Facial Reconstruction Provides Both Physical & Emotional Benefits


Traumatic injuries often leave their mark in physical and emotional ways. This is especially prevalent in facial disfigurement. As humans, we have a unique psychological relationship with our face, more so than any other bodily area.

Our face is what represents us in our mind, and in the minds of others, so when it is damaged or disfigured due to an accident, our psyche can become damaged as well. It is for this reason that post-accident  facial reconstruction is so important, as it provides both physical and emotional benefits.

The Physical Benefits of Facial Reconstruction

These reconstructive surgeries work to repair the physical appearance of the face and skull, while some are also aimed at restoring feeling and muscle movements. The physical benefits of these procedures can include: ensuring proper vision, hearing, jaw movement, and breathing.

Aside from restoring proper facial functions, facial reconstruction aims to return facial features to pre-accident form, or as close to it as possible. Many patients have undergone successful facial reconstruction,  rendering any visible results from their accident nearly imperceptible.

The Emotional Benefits

Along with physical damage, sometimes the most impairing aspect of facial disfigurement after an accident is the emotional damage to the patient’s state of mind. This emotional damage may lead to a lack of self-confidence, and even depression.

Fortunately, by improving upon the disfigurement, facial reconstruction can restore confidence by returning facial features to their original state, or as close to the original state as possible. Facial reconstruction can allow patients to look in the mirror and see a renewed hope and outlook on life–instead of a reminder of a traumatic accident and impending social anxiety.

Reconstruct Your Face. Rebuild Your Life

With the advancement in technology, modern surgeons can rebuild a patient’s face, as well as their life. Accidents can cause both physical and emotional damage that facial reconstruction can help alleviate.

Dr. Binder has successfully performed this procedure on many patients and helped them return to their normal lives without the negative effects of facial trauma. If you have suffered facial disfigurement due to an accident, call (310) 858-6749 to schedule a consultation.