The Best Female Faces Under 30 in Celebrity Botox

Billionaires, beauty queens, and branding geniuses. That describes our pantheon of famous faces under the age of 30 who have dabbled in the fine art of Botox. The individuals featured below have harvested unimaginable accolades, all while projecting a standard of luminosity that inspires billions of onlookers to gasp in awe.

While it is inadvisable to copy the look of a specific star when formulating your own aesthetic goals, we can’t help but marvel at the effortless grace that these celebrities display.

The following list features A-list personalities who are unapologetic about their passion for empowerment. They have crafted their respective looks, maintained a charismatic aura, and captured the spotlight in their own unique ways. We celebrate their decisions and ponder how Botox has factored into their recent forays into cosmetic enhancement.

Miley Cyrus (age 26) – She grew up in the spotlight, so youth is part of Miley’s brand. Her father was a blockbuster recording artist in the ’90s, paving the way for Ms. Cyrus to become a Disney Channel superstar. Her face launched millions of magazine covers, not to mention platinum album sales, so it’s an understatement to say that Miley is a picture of success. So how has Botox helped usher Cyrus into her 20’s? A before and after look at her features reveals a few answers. While Miley has never admitted to cosmetic enhancement, her seamless silhouette is a beacon of beauty. From the glaring lights of The Voice to the rigors of a worldwide concert tour, Miley Cyrus has maintained her youthful serenity through it all. She has taken a wrecking ball to expectations and continues to stand tall as the haters crumble all around her. That face exudes confidence, and experts believe that Botox has given her the boost(s) she needs to carry that tune into the next phase of her wildly successful career.

Kylie Jenner (age 21) – One of the most photographed faces in the world, young Jenner is a social media megastar. Her Instagram feed has racked up over 135 million followers, giving her the 7th biggest overall audience on that particular platform (half-sister Kim Kardashian ranks as the number six ‘Grammer). Every contour of Jenner’s look is studied daily by fans who want to emulate her look, and Kylie has recently admitted that she has, indeed, enhanced her youthful appearance with injections. Although she won’t divulge the specifics of her various procedures, Ms. Jenner refutes claims that she underwent cosmetic surgery, instead saying, “They don’t understand what good hair and makeup and, like, fillers, can really do.” Kylie is just one of the many members of Generation Z who are opting for Botox before they “need it”. They’re taking control of their aesthetic, defining beauty on their own terms, and charting new rules by which young people are claiming their place in an ever-evolving world.

Margot Robbie (age 28) – Unlike the Jenner brood, Ms. Robbie has remained tightlipped about her cosmetic regimen. She rose to fame in Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street before becoming an international celebrity and all around style symbol. Margot’s mug is one of the most bankable faces in Hollywood (via Australia); her beauty is unparalleled. Although Robbie is reticent to divulge her beauty secrets, experts have speculated that her dazzling glow can be attributed, in part, to the occasional Botox injection. Her porcelain façade was photographed on every major red carpet event during a whirlwind awards junket in support of Margot’s Oscar nomination for I, Tonya. The world saw every angle, every expression, and every gleaming triumph of Ms. Robbie’s appearance. To withstand that scrutiny, it helps to have some support from a knowledgeable and skilled team of experts who can strategize your ideal look to win over any crowd.

Lala Kent (age 29) – She rocketed to reality TV fame on the hit show Vanderpump Rules before embarking on a big-screen acting career. As the scream queen in the Lionsgate Studios feature film The Row, Kent faced off with a house of horrors without losing face herself. Her visage is iconic, expressive, and endlessly beautiful. In fact, Lala has launched her own beauty line called Give Them Lala, which specializes in creams, highlighters, and makeup products to accentuate the striking beauty in us all. Ms. Kent is open and honest about her affinity for Botox, preferring touch-ups along her jawline and eyebrows. “I feel like,” explains Kent, “if you feel comfortable and you feel beautiful, then you do you, boo.” Spoken like a true ambassador of awesome. That’s la-lovely, Lala!

You (ageless) – That’s right, you’re the final entry on our list of fabulous faces! Your beauty is unquestionable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shape it and present yourself however you see fit. No matter what your ID says, age doesn’t define you. The under-30 celebrities on the list above are just examples of people living their best lives, perhaps with the assistance of Botox, but the compound has a myriad of disparate applications

Whether you hope to reduce your facial lines, alleviate migraines, or just polish the perfection that already simmers beneath your surface, Botox is one option in your cosmetic toolkit. To explore the many choices that you face, contact a member of our compassionate care team today. Together, we can strategize the look that’s right for you and show the stars mentioned above that they’ve got some major competition nipping at their high heels!